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Become a Partner

What makes a good Incontech Distribution

Successful Incontech distributors have a deep understanding of and experience in marketing and distributing personal care products in their local markets.

Why distribute Incontech products?

Winning Products

All our products are developed with 3 key fundamental objectives:
Safe and effective, manufactured under the strictest international quality standards.
They have more features than competitive offerings
They deliver more value in terms of absolute price/cost
You will start off marketing products that have a competitive edge.

Growing Every Year

The Incontech product range is the widest and most diverse range available today, with over 60 different product variants and with 10 new variants added on an average each year. Expect your sales to increase not just by growing the market share of existing products but from new innovative products that meet the demands and the needs of the healthy consumer.

Attractive Margins and Immediate "Go-To-Market" Solutions

We ensure our distributors are rewarded well for their efforts. Our products provide you with excellent profit margins. In addition to providing you excellent products, we provide world class marketing support to allow you to “go-to-market” in the shortest possible time.

Tangible Support

In addition to providing marketing advice, we provide specific promotional campaign strategies that will help you gain distribution and increase sales. We have a complete “marketing kit” that includes ideas for advertising and promotional campaigns, in-store collaterals and activities, trade marketing programs, slimming loyalty programs and much more.

Interested in Distributing Incontech Products?

If you are interested in distributing Incontech product, please fill out the form below and a representative will respond to your enquiry.