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REVOLUTION™ is the latest 360 weight management system aimed to help consumers to reach their personal weight loss goal in the shortest possible time.

It comprises a full system offering 3 components. A tailored weight loss supplement formula in individual meal packed sachets, a step-by-step dietary meal plan for 3 weeks and a in home TRX system with a comprehensive fat-burning exercise plan.

1. Premium Daily Supplements

Advanced formulations with key ingredients recommended by Dr. OZ show to lose weight fast! Now conveniently packed into individual sachets for Morning, Lunch, Dinner & Night, no more fussing around with pills counting or missing a dose in the middle of the day.

2. Nutrition Plan + Fat Burning Recipes

Nutritional Meal Plan provides you 21-days of delicious and simple fat burning recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Smart and beautifully designed card format that comes with nutrition facts, cooking instruction and shopping list that made your grocery shopping easier.

3. Fat Burning Home Exercise Program

An easy to follow guide for fat burning and toning exercise that will allows you to feel and see the difference in shape and drastic drop in dress size!

Product of USA